Tank's Gator Blood

Cartoon alligator holding a 64 oz. bottle of Tanks overtop a row of spicy bloody mary drinks


Bloody Mary’s are a great way to start a party and nothing starts a party like a surprise! Imagine that great flavor of the southwest in your cocktail along with a SNAP of Cajun heat! We’ve created the two together to make this awesome Tank’s Gator Blood recipe: 

Take your glass and rim it with a wedge of lime, then invert into a dish of sprinkled with a combination of our Tank's Rimmer Salt sprinkled with Great American Cajun Seasoning.

Add ice, 2 ounces of vodka, a dash of Great American Cajun Seasoning and 3 healthy shakes of Tabasco, fill the remainder of the glass with Tank's Premium Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix!

Now you have a Tank's Gator Blood!

Now we will not suggest that drinking one of these will in anyway make you see an alligator, heck we highly suggest that if you do, you stagger in the opposite direction as fast as you can. We’ve heard running in a zig zag pattern helps.

Although when we do get together to share drinks and stories, we tend to mix up the details, so that tip may have been from another one of our nights conversations on how to avoid a sniper in wartime.

So, if you ever meet an alligator with a sniper rifle, you know what to do!

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