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Claude’s Sauces is starting the year with another change to our online store! Starting on Monday, February 19, 2018 all of Claude’s Sauces 16oz bottles of marinades, sauces, and cocktail mix are now Mix and Match 6 Pack items.

Previously our single 16oz bottles have been priced at 6 dollars each unless you bought a case, at which point each bottle priced dropped a dollar. But that’s been problematic for our fans who like one product but haven’t tried the other.

Now you can try 1 bottle of something new like Claude’s Hot & Spicy Sauce without worrying about what to do with 5 of the same bottles should it not be to your taste. And the great thing about our Mix and Match 6 Pack is that building your own 6 pack means you fill up the other 5 with products you do like, so no waste!

Every product in the Claude’s Sauces and Tank’s collection that is 16 oz. is available on our Mix and Match page located here:

Click for Claude's Mix and Match 6 pack page.

16 oz products include:

Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade

Claude’s Fajita Marinade

Claude’s Hickory Meat Marinade

Claude’s Mesquite Meat Marinade

Claude’s Hot & Spicy Sauce

Claude’s Steak Sauce

Claude’s Western Style BBQ Sauce

Claude’s Low Sodium BBQ Brisket Marinade

Claude’s Low Sodium Fajita Marinade

Claude’s Low Sodium Hickory Meat Marinade

Claude’s Low Sodium Mesquite Meat Marinade

Tank’s Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix


Claude's Sauces new Mix and Match webpage


Yes, you can still buy 1 single 16 oz bottle or more without having to buy 6.

But if you choose to build your own 6 pack with any of our 16oz Claude’s Sauces and/or Tank’s Bloody Mary Mix 16oz bottles, you’ll also receive a full dollar off each bottle, that’s a savings of $6 dollars on a 6 Pack. And when you build your own Mix and Match 6 Pack you’ll get FREE Shipping anywhere within the continental US by using our code at checkout: MixMatch

So now you can get the 16oz bottles you want, sample the new products you haven’t tried and get them all in a handy 6 pack for 30 dollars!

Give us a try and stay tuned as we have more growth to come in the year ahead!

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