The History of Claude’s

Claude's Sauces 935 Loma Verde Drive location

Claude’s Sauces started in 1978. Today, we're the same family business bottling our BBQ Brisket Marinade in El Paso, Texas. 

In 1978 we began with a dream. Take a classic and authentic cowboy recipe used to tenderize tough trail meat and make that flavor, the history and romance of the trail available for everyone to enjoy. Here we are all these years later, the same family business selling Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade, the very same recipe now enjoyed across America.

Claude himself would be proud. Founded in a small local grocery store in El Paso, Claude Struve was the first to sell the recipe you enjoy today. The aroma alone say’s you are in Texas and the flavor will make you a fan of everything Southwest from the first bite you take.

We have grown to include a few more family recipe’s and favorites. Our Claude’s Fajita Marinade quickly became our top selling marinade after our BBQ Brisket. If you are yearning for a fajita dinner that is authentic Tex-Mex, try our Fajita Marinade.

Or you could sample any one of the sauces we make that our fans really enjoy, like our Claude’s Hot & Spicy Sauce or our Texas favorite Claude’s Steak Sauce, the perfect accompaniment to a grilled steak.

And if you are planning a BBQ with your favorite cut of beef, chicken, pork or seafood, don’t forget our line of meat seasonings:

Claude’s Grillers Choice.

This blend of seasonings and spices made from our own family recipe to be bold and the only thing you need. From meat to vegetables, shake Grillers Choice for a mouthwatering sensation.

Great American Steak and Meat Seasoning.

The flavor that defines the Great American Land & Cattle chain of restaurants can be in your panty with a shaker of Great American Steak and Meat Seasoning. Try Great American Cajun for some deep south in your next cook!

And make your dinner cook easier with our line of side dishes made from our family recipe’s. We call them our Casa Corona line and our Instant Refried Beans and Enchilada Sauces will help you get from the kitchen to the table faster with our line of instant Refried Beans and Enchilada Sauces.

Casa Corona Instant Refried Beans and Enchilada Sauces are authentic spicy south of the border flavors. The authentic Mexican "sabor" in Casa Corona products comes from generations of our family recipe’s and we include the very same special spices and ingredients which makes every bite a Tex-Mex delight.

And may we suggest a fine cocktail with dinner?

Tank’s Bloody Mary Mix is another El Paso made original. Well known to all parts of Texas and beyond, this spicy Bloody Mary cocktail mix delivers a bold and distinct experience. From a tangy Bloody Mary to a tasty Red Beer, you will enjoy our take on what a Bloody Mary cocktail mix should taste like.

We invite you to try all our seasonings, sauces, marinades, mixes, and beans that we have to offer. We are certain that once you do, there’ll be a place in your cupboard for our authentic Southwest tastes when your tummy calls for Tex-Mex.

Thank you for being there for us all these year’s!