Tank's Red Beer

Tank's Bloody Mary Red Beer


Claude’s Sauces is celebrating a 40th Anniversary!

Yes, the little family owned business that started in El Paso, Texas by bottling a secret recipe handed down for generations to marinate brisket has grown into a Southwest tradition in kitchens from Texas to Minnesota!

So, we’re celebrating by having a toast. What would you expect from our product Tank’s Bloody Mary Mix? Here’s recipe you’ll enjoy reading as much as watching as we’ll do this picture style as we prepare an easy to make Southwest tradition known as the Tank’s Red Beer!

Rimming a glass with lime

Also known as Micheladas, these are an easy to make refreshing drink that has a little kick but a world of flavor!

There are many ways to make a Tanks Red Beer or a Tanks Michelada and the ways are as diverse as the people who drink them.

In Canada, they will mix one-part Tanks Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix with 2 parts beer and even throw in an egg. They call that a ‘Red Eye’.

In Texas, you’ll find that making a Tank’s Red Beer starts with how you prepare the glass itself! Take one large glass and leave it in the freezer until cold. Take it out and then rim with a lime wedge followed by inverting the glass into a bowl of Tanks Premium Rimmer Salt. Fill with one-part Tank’s Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix and two-parts your favorite beer. 

Placing a beer glass in Tank's Premium Rimmer Salt

If you travel to Mexico, you’ll find the Tank’s Michelada starts with a healthy dose of lime juice! One-part lime juice, one-part Tanks Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix and two-parts beer! 

But no matter what country you find yourself in, you will find that making a Tank’s Red Beer is as easy as opening a bottle of Tank’s Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix!

Opening a bottle of Tank's Bloody Mary Mix

And as it’s our 40th Anniversary we’re celebrating by giving everyone a chance to enjoy the great flavors made famous by Claude’s Sauces, including our Tank’s Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix.

Every month we’re awarding Gift Packs of marinades, sauces and mixes to those who make a Google Review. All you need to do to qualify is copy and paste this tiny URL into your desktop web browser.


Pouring Tank's Bloody Mary Mix into a beer glass

From there you’ll be taken to our Google Review page. But be patient, depending on your browser that can take as long as half a minute. Which is long enough to enjoy a sip or two of that wonderful Tank’s Red Beer you just poured for yourself.

Just write a quick review and each month we’ll select one at random and send away a Gift Pack!

Pouring beer into a glass with Tank's Bloody Mary Mix

So, enjoy your Tank’s Red Beer and thank you all again for making us a ’40 Year Tradition In Southwest Kitchens’!

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