Claude's Grillers Choice Seasoning

Claude's Grillers Choice seasoning on a steak


It is new but it has been years in the making. Finally, Claude’s Grillers Choice Seasoning, is finally perfected and ready to buy.

Ideal for the griller that isn't afraid of bold flavors, or the kitchen warrior that needs to kick it up a notch!

Claude’s is celebrating our 40th anniversary, and just to prove that being 40 doesn’t mean your best days are behind you, we’ve released a brand-new product designed to help make meal time a wonderful time!

Grillers Choice is available now on our website

Claude's Grillers Choice Seasoning on Chicken

Why should you try Claude’s Grillers Choice?

We’ve been making marinades, sauces and seasonings for 40 years, so we’ve had a lot of practice with all sorts of different concoctions made of salts and peppers.  We’ve tried all kinds of blends, rubs and pats to go with BBQ chicken, grilled pork and beef but we’ve never found one we couldn’t resist.

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So, we made our own and now we offer you our hard-earned taste testing experience without all that 40 years’ worth of trial and error.

Inside a 6oz. bottle of Grillers Choice you will find a perfectly balanced blend made with coarse salt and peppercorns. We’ve also added garlic, onion, sugar and bell peppers for a seasoning that is perfect in almost any beef, chicken, or pork recipe!

But Grillers Choice isn’t by itself a grill or BBQ only seasoning. We’ve made Grillers Choice to also bring out the wow factor in the vegetables you cook as well!

Yes, Griller’s Choice tastes incredible when you pat it on everything from regular meat to seafood but when you sprinkle a little Griller’s Choice on your veggie medley or even a salad, you’ll be amazed at how well they pair together.


Claude’s Grillers Choice will soon become your go-to seasoning. Grill with it, rub with it, bake with it, or just sprinkle it on!

And if it turns out that a 6 oz bottle of Grillers Choice isn’t enough, we also sell Claude’s Grillers Choice in 6 packs and cases of 12. And don’t forget all orders on our website over 40 dollars get’s free shipping anywhere within the United States!

And if just one bottle is all you need to sample remember you can mix and match orders on our website. So, while you’re sampling our Claude’s Grillers Choice you can also try our Great American Steak and Meat Seasoning or our Great American Cajun Seasoning!

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