Claude's BBQ Brisket Marinating Tips

Slab of beef brisket and Claude's Sauces 16oz. bottle of BBQ Brisket Marinade


Preptime: 10 minutes

Let’s start our recipe by stating two things:

One, brisket is tough, you need to cook it for a long time to get a tender dinner.

Two, Texas is the home of cooking brisket to perfection. We know, we’ve grown up here and have been in the Texas margination business for almost a half century! And our top selling Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket Marinade isn’t just our flagship product, it’s a marinating recipe even older than us!

There are many variations of brisket preparation and recipe’s, but they all have the same reason for being; the need to cook for long periods of time.

Understanding the meat that you’re working is paramount to making a fantastic dish. This allows you to choose the best set up and proper cooking method. In the case of a brisket, we know this is the section that bears almost 60% of load stress through an animals’ life. That’s enough for cooks to understand you’re dealing with a piece of very tough meat. So, cooking for an extended period is a necessity.

Cooks will also tell you that marinating the meat beforehand will save you a lot of cooking time trouble. And hence the idea of a marinade: to provide flavor and breakdown the tough connective tissue.

When it comes to the set up and style of cooking there are some that may debate if it’s Kansas City or the Texas style which is superior, we do know history reveals it’s the southwest that has the longest experience in cooking this tough chunk of meat.

And all that experience is in one bottle of Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket Marinade, a must for brisket preparation!

Our Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket Marinade recipe is generations old.

Hundreds of years ago the native Indians in the Southwest region of the U.S. were using a marinade to help breakdown tough cuts of meat, from there that recipe was used by local homesteaders.

The hardiest and best known of those family recipes made its way into a business that was supplying finished cooked brisket in the El Paso region throughout the 20th century. That very recipe is what we started bottling back in the 1970’s as Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket Marinade. Being brisket lovers we knew it was an important fixture in Jewish faith. All Claude’s Sauces products are made in accordance to standards that allow us to carry the Kosher seal.

And that’s a brief history of Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket Marinade. It really is an all in one tool for tough meat. You’ll get that southwest flavor and tender brisket just by adding our famous family recipe to your preparation! And better yet, meat choices that would be left off your plate because of their toughness are no longer a problem in your pantry!

So, you’ll save money by using Claude’s Sauces BBQ Brisket marinade as you’ll no longer fear those cheaper cuts of meat.

In this brisket recipe, we’re opting the fastest way to make a brisket. You can experiment and try different methods anytime but for now let’s learn the easiest, tastiest way to get a brisket from your oven to your table with the least amount of fuss involved!



Let’s start by taking our brisket and don’t cut away that fat! Place your brisket fat side up in a cooking/browning bag or foil


Take one bottle of Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade, shake it up well and pour over brisket, about 2 oz. per pound then seal the bag or foil and place in roasting pan

Bake at 300°F about 30 minutes per pound. (adjust for elevation)

Shred brisket while meat is hot or slice against the meat grain after it has cooled. It’s that easy!


Pan drippings can be mixed with water for au jus or gravy. For a bolder flavor, marinade meat for 8 hours before baking or just leave in the fridge overnight. Claude’s is also great in the crock pot with your favorite beef or pork roast but try just a few tablespoons as our Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade is potent!

If you’re wanting to try Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade with chicken or pork or even seafood, place your meat items in a resealable bag, add a few ounces per pound of meat and leave in the fridge for an hour.

Lower Oven Temperature to 275 degrees for altitudes over 5,000 feet. Increase Claude’s Brisket Marinade to 3 oz. per pound and increase cook time to about 45 minutes per pound of meat.

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