So this is our Blog page where we’ll deliver news, tips or maybe things we’ve learned along the way.

And seeing as it’s our first Blog for our new website we figured it should be about our founder the late great Joe Castaneda and his wife Glenda.

Now we can tell you a lot about Joe. We could tell you how much he is admired and missed to this day but it’s already evident when you walk into the Claude’s Sauces factory where you’ll find his entire family is all part of Claude’s Sauces.

And for anyone with ‘family’ you’ll appreciate how that in of itself is a testament to Joe and Glenda.

So without further ado here is the story of Joe and Glenda Castaneda and how Claude’s Sauces happened.

It started over 37 years ago actually when Joe meet a fellow known as ‘old man’ Claude Struve (old man was an affectionate term and not one of those nicknames for a crazy dude living alone in a house full of cats).

At the time Claude was selling oven ready briskets to local meat markets and grocery stores and having a lot of success doing it. He’d make his briskets in his house and delivery them daily.

While he loved doing it, it was labor intensive and being an older gentleman, Claude knew it was time to consider hanging up the apron.
Enter a young Joe and Glenda Castaneda.

Now the both of them may have been business rookies but they were both sharp enough to see a great opportunity when it presented itself so when ‘old man’ Claude offered the secret of the home made brisket to Joe and Glenda, they didn’t hesitate.

From that point, the young couple rented a small warehouse and produced 30 cases a week with a primitive filling system…by hand. Even the filler machine Joe hand made. We’re talking early days here, one bottle at a time, and one label at a time, every single day.

But we all know that with will, determination, a drive to succeed and a clear plan there is always success and five years later of doing that work, Joe and Glenda Castaneda moved into a 3500 sq. ft warehouse and even automated some of the work they had been doing by hand for five years.

During this time the kids came along and the Castaneda’s were a happy family run business that the powers above seemed to smile down on.
The Partridge Family of Marinades and Sauces, if you will. 

The business grew throughout the 80’s with the family moving into 40,000 sq. foot location where Claude’s Sauces is presently located and became fully automated, producing 20,000 cases a day.


Joe, not content with the success of Claude’s Brisket as a brand, created three other marinades to follow, created a Hispanic brand, ‘Casa Corona’ and structured deals co-packing with Great American as well as other various companies in and outside of El Paso.


Both Joe and ‘old man’ Claude have passed away. And we won’t leave this blog with a typical ending of ‘but their legacy lives on’.

We don’t have to say that, because you can see it every single day here at Claude’s Sauces where the entire family of Joe and Glenda Castaneda shows up to continue the dream with pride and a whole lotta love.

The Castaneda’s