Claude's Sauces Gift Pack Winner

Ladies and gentlemen, Marla Hughes from Houston, Texas!

Marla Hughes winner of Claude's Sauces Gift Pack 

Marla is the latest winner of a Claude's Sauces Gift Pack!

It's our 40th Anniversary here at Claude's Sauces and to celebrate we're handing out Gift Packs as a thank you to our customers for 40 awesome years of making BBQ sauces, marinades, seasonings and our Tank's Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix!

So twice each month we select at random from people who have made a review about us on our Google Review page. Would you like a chance to win? It's simple!

Click the URL above or copy and paste it into your desktop browser and wait for our Google Review page to load. When it does, simply give us a review. We will select one every two weeks and announce the winner on our Claude's Sauces Facebook page!


Claude's Sauces 40th Anniversary Badge

Marla is our latest winner of a Claude's Sauces Gift Pack filled with our marinades and sauces! Marla's favorite saying is, "You tried it"! And that is apropos considering her cooking favorites are: 

  1. Anything Mexican.

  2. Enchiladas.

  3. Tacos.

  4. Homemade chips and salsa.

  5. Etc (she says she could on and on)...

And it's good thing her favorite place to be in Houston is her apartment! With all those Mexican dishes she loves to cook, she can't possibly be too far from her kitchen at any one time!


When she's not busy cooking for everyone her favorite dish to eat is...   Brisket!!! 

Any type that's cooked with Claude's! 

Nice Marla! Really nice!

We're happy to be sharing the YUM!

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